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Established in 2011 to study anomalous spectrological phenomena, researching over 500 cases, through a decade of analyzing and documenting thousands of hours of audio, and video recordings. We have come to the conclusion that some part of our human consciousness can exist long after the death of our physical host. We have tested the cognitive boundaries of what we have determined to be the consciousness from an once living human being. The question, is there life after death, and if so at what level of existence. Our mission is to document links between phenomena that has been associated with the activities of Ghosts, to a once living human being. Our blog contains a wealth of knowledge, members have access to our private knowledge base containing articles, study results, and other useful information from what is explainable to unexplained phenomena. We would like to invite you to follow us, and listen to our captured audio and video evidence by clicking on the links above.


Projects an Image of Itself

There is the question of why an apparition is described wearing clothing? The apparition is nothing more than mind a conscious form of energy, our physical self decays. The once living human being has been reduced to its last cognitive state. The entity projects an image of how it last perceived itself at the point of death... MORE

Using EMF meters in Ghost Hunting

One of the questions I have had over the past couple years is why EMF meters are used? What evidence is there that Ghosts emit, manipulate, or disturb electromagnetic fields? There are quite a few unsubstantiated reports that EMF meters 'spike' during paranormal activity, but I cannot find any formal studies, or research that is... MORE

Animal Haunts

There are countless stories of animal apparitions from the feeling of the presence of a beloved pet that had passed away. To this day, I have yet captured one piece of evidence of any kind of animal spirit. It made me think about the bigger picture. If you are not vegan you probably ate, or wore something that had a face today, and most every day of your life... MORE